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Why Hire ATM Grant Writing and Consulting Corporation

I'm often asked to write grants for various businesses, faith based entities, and nonprofit organizations. What is often misunderstood is that in order to write a grant, you need to demonstrate an organized mission as well as fiscal responsibility (to include tax filings and annual audits). Needless to say, many organizations lack the financial piece. Grantors want to know that you will conduct business and make their money look good! Because I want you to gain funding as much as you do, we start by looking at your financial health and goals. If you can be responsible with $1,000, you can be trusted with $10,000, and from there, multimillion dollar awards. I encourage all agencies to build grant programs as carefully as one would build their own personal credit. For this reason, ATM Grant Writing and Consulting Corporation builds your organization to showcase your talents for long term and mutually beneficial relationships.

Writing a successful grant proposal takes competence, skill, experience, and the ability to build a mutually beneficial relationship with a grantor (intentionally repeated to drive in the point). While many organizations attempt to apply for private, state, and federal grants with existing staff, the fact is that unless you are dedicated to it, you will make small mistakes and overlook details that the grantor is asking for. It only takes one mistake for a grantor to find reason to fund someone else who does take the time to follow all rules and complete the necessary forms. Grant writing is itself an investment of professional reading, researching, writing, and time. Investing in a professional grant writer will pay off with each award as that person is not distracted with other job duties (like your payroll).

Hiring a grant writing company, like ATM Grant Writing and Consulting Corporation, will save your organization money and valuable resources of time and manpower dedicated to other tasks. Hiring a full time, professional grant writer on staff can cost as much as $150,000. The average salary for a Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) is over $80,000. By working with our firm, you’ll receive all the benefits of having a professional grant writer on your team but save on the overhead. Other benefits include:

•Gaining valuable insight and expertise of a dedicated grant writer with a winning track record.

•Relieving your staff of the time consuming work to put together a grant proposal.

•Eliminating the last minute rush and stress of putting together grant proposals.

•Submitting professional, comprehensive proposals that are favorable to grant reviewers.

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